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How much does a well cost?

pipe 3

Drilling a water well is a combination of science, technology and drilling experience. Many variables factor in to the location and drilling of a water well so a set price is not a practical answer. Is the drilling through sand, clay or rock? Each has its own challenges for the driller. Depth of the well also contributes to the pricing. A driller might hit water at 40 feet but one never wants to drill only to the high water mark. By drilling many feet below the water mark, sometimes as much as a hundred feet further down, the well owner is less likely to run out of water due to pump demands (draw down) or lowered water table.

So depth has a role in pricing for drilling, but also for the piping, wiring and sometimes pump size.

A more accurate estimate of well placement costs can be made by the driller once more information is cataloged.